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The Nectar: Weaving Art and Connection with Nature

Hello world! I'd like to formally introduce the High Desert Nectar blog series called The Nectar where I feature the people, pieces and stories that make High Desert Nectar unique. First and foremost, I'd like to express gratitude. The gratitude I have for the people that support High Desert Nectar grows deeper each season, just like our roots in the soil. Through collaboration and creativity, the people I've connected with truly elevate the capacity to make an impact and spread the defining messages that make each of us who we uniquely are. And perhaps even a catalyst to change.  James Jackman, a dear friend of mine since our days in high school, found interest in documenting High Desert Nectar's practices and enjoying the relationship we...

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With love, Danielle.

Hi! I’m Danielle, the co-founder of High Desert Nectar. In 2016, my Dad and I pursued the world of cannabis, and in the summer of 2019, we planted our first seeds. I landed in Bend, Oregon after a traumatic accident in the summer of 2015, when I broke my back, wrists, shoulders, ribs and heart while traveling through SE Asia. After canceling my plans to move to NYC to secure a six-figure job in the city, I packed my bags and ventured west with a newly reconstructed spine.  Fate pulled me to recover and repair in the mountains of Jackson, WY, and soon among the cannabis plants in Southern Oregon. During this transition, I discovered the importance of letting go and...

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